habt viel Spaß...

falls euch die Song's nicht gefallen...

Das ist eben Geschmacksache,
ich höre ja nun auch nicht alles und finde es gut...

Vergeßt aber nie:

"SAVE THE PLANET" - wir haben nur einen !



Lazzarus on Soundcloud

Uncommerce & Friends - Charity4Life Vol.4!

Uncommerce & Friends - Charity4Life!

Lazzarus unterstützt die Kinder Krebshilfe!

Das Projekt UnCommerce & Friends

beschreibt seit langem Projekte für die Kinderhilfe.

Im Jahre 2017 beteiligt sich Lazzarus wiederholt!

Diesmal mit dem Song "HEAVEN"

Kaufen bei:


Uncommerce & Friends - Charity4Life!

Uncommerce & Friends - Charity4Life!

Lazzarus unterstützt die Kinder- Krebshilfe!

Das Projekt UnCommerce & Friends

beschreibt seit langem Projekte für die Kinderhilfe.

Im Jahre 2015 beteiligt sich Lazzarus mit dem Song "The Nexus" (New Mix) ebenfalls an diesem Projekt. 


Das Jahr des Wasser-Tigers

Sibirischer Tiger



This are LAZZARUS and the Real Horst with
Welcome to some information about our projects like
“Tibetan Bells and Sounds from Outer Space”
You can listen to at channel

TaoChiSound at YouTube

"2. Where was the silence? 
Where the ears, it is to perceive?
 No, there was neither silence nor sound, 
nothing but uninterrupted perpetual breath,
 who himself does not know."

The Book of Dzyan (Stanza 2.2) in
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
"The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1, Cosmogenesis

The Story Begins / Part of our Story [01]

From the midst of the Eighties to beginning of the nineties, 
I (the Real Horst) discovered some curious theories about Universe, 
Sounds and relations between Frequencies of Planets and sounds in music.

I heard about the ideas of Ernst Joachim Berendt (Nada Brahma,the World is Sound), 
the Theories of Hans Cousto and went to a concert, Gongs for Meditation by Jens Zygar.

At Ananda Bookshop in Duisburg (Germany) - the two ladies were very busy in organizing sessions,
 workshops and lectures about many interesting and practical subjects- I later gaint some special Music CDs,
 Sounds of the Planets by Star Sounds OrchesterVoice of Earth I, NASA Space recordings of earth
the Planets by Holst, and Mike Oldfields: Music of Spheres
and the albums of Klaus Wiese: 
Uranus and Neptun with Tibetan Singing Bowls
Gong stream and Gongs for Meditation by Terence Dolph.

There at the Ananda Bookstore a  man travelling through Himalaya Mountains arrived regularly  
and sold Tibetan singing bowls with sequences, sounds that were matched on the planets. 
Over the years I gained more than twenty of those measuring between 11 and 29 centimeter the outer diameter.

In June 1989 one of my students bought at the Chinese City Event in Duisburg an original 
big Gong of more than 100 cm in diameter,  that comes from the gong factory of Wuhan, China.
The Tibetan Bowls and this gong are up today used in training in our Dojo for Taijiquan and Kung-Fu,
 Qigong and Meditation. 

In February and March 2013 I found the Videos about binaural beats, 
isochronic tones at YouTube and talked with LAZZARUS about this incredible subject.

LAZZARUS is a semiprofessional musician, an artist, who produces songs with special synergetic video effects
 in his little sound studio by computer based software )

About me, I have no knowledge about music theories and no practice in playing instruments 
except my passion for the ancient music instrument, which do not ask for a virtuosic master player.

While talking about, we got the idea to start this project 
"Tibetan Bells and Sounds from Outer Space".

The idea is to put together the original sounds and images of the planets with harmonious sounds.
 The added notes, produced by singing bowls and computerized sound tools, 
effectively co-ordinate pieces will result for meditation purposes. 
Matching vibrations lead, they put together so we wish you good results in the meditative practice
 and progress on the spiritual path, we name Tao 
(Tao means finding ways).

So far, so best and good; 
on June 2nd 2013 - Moon standing in House of Uttara Bhadra, is good for working at the great plan,
 spiritual development, - 25th day in cycle of Moon, Top of the Yin, 
when the Dakinis feel well - 
we met at LAZZARUS sound fabric forthe making of the first sound records from ca 10 Tibetan Bells.

In the later evening, we started our pilot project, the first edition of 
"Tibetan Bells and Sounds from Outer Space -  Neptun V1.0"  
[You can hear a DEMO-Version short-cut, surely you agree with us: not perfect, 
there is still much to be done - but we like it, because it's our pilot :o)]

and so:
We'll go on - the road is long

stay on the trail

true -
Peace on Your Way

LAZZARUS and "the Real Horst"


Production Guidelines
Part of our story [02] -
if You want to know more about:
The Art of Using Time

this page - under construction - was designed / last updated
[on monday, July 1rst 2013] / [monday, September, 9th 2013]

Visit our channel


our classes in Dojo Tao-Chi Duisburg

Thanks for Your interest -



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Chinesisches Jahr:

Chinesisches Neujahr:

Beginn: 1. Februar 2022
Ende: 21. Januar 2023

Der Wasser-Tiger (Renyin, chinesisch 壬寅, Pinyin rényín) ist das 39. Jahr des chinesischen Kalenders (siehe Tabelle 天支 60-Jahre-Zyklus). Es ist ein Begriff aus dem Bereich der chinesischen Astrologie und bezeichnet diejenigen Mondjahre, die durch eine Verbindung des neunten Himmelsstammes (壬, rén, Element Holz und Yang) mit dem dritten Erdzweig (寅, yín), symbolisiert durch den Tiger (虎, hǔ), charakterisiert sind.

Nach dem chinesischen Kalender tritt eine solche Verbindung alle 60 Jahre ein. Das letzte Wasser-Tiger-Jahr begann 1962 und dauerte wegen der Abweichung des chinesischen vom gregorianischen Kalenderjahr vom 5. Februar 1962 bis 24. Januar 1963. Das nächste Wasser-Tiger-Jahr wird am 1. Februar 2022 beginnen und am 21. Januar 2023 enden.


Sibirischer Tiger


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